We recommend that you keep the purchased Sukarwood products in normal room temperature. The products are designed for indoor & dry place use and installation only, unless instructed differently in the product instructions manual. Please notice that humidity, coldness, heat or big changes in temperature may harm the product.

All Sukarwood products come with a 12 month limited warranty.


Only original Sukarwood products are covered by the warranty. The warranty covers material material and workmanship damages that occur even if using the product according to the given instructions. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. The warranty period starts form the date of the purchase. If material or workmanship damage occurs within the 12-month warranty period, you can contact our customer service (info@sukarwood.fi) even if you had bought the product from a retailer.


The warranty does not cover:

1. damage, caused by improper use or storage of the product.

2. Negligence and damage, caused by your own actions.

3. Accident or damage caused by extraordinary weather conditions, natural disasters or other abnormal environmental conditions

4. Damage, caused by repair or service carried out by someone other than Sukarwood or Sukarwood authorized party.

5. Indirect damages and expenses caused by the product or warranty service, or damages and indirect damages caused by product uninstallation, shipment and reinstallation.