Terms and conditions

This user agreement (“User agreement”) includes the terms and conditions regarding the use of sukarwood.fi online store (“Service”), owned by Sellusta Finland Ltd. (“Service provider” / we / us / our). When a person (“User”) uses the Service i.e. completes the registration process or orders product/products from the Service, agrees he/she with the terms and conditions with this Agreement.

Contact details of the Service provider:
Sellusta Finland Ltd.
Tilanhoitajantie 19
05820 Hyvinkää
+358 40 832 0128

Sellusta Finland Ltd. obeys common international regulations and guidelines regarding consumer sales, advertising and marketing.

Customer service

User can send all Service related questions by e-mail to info@sukarwood.fi

Licence agreement

To make a legitimate purchase, User has to be at least 18 years of age.
All the product images, logos, drawings, videos, graphics and texts (“Content”) are owned by Sellusta Finland Ltd. Contents are secured by the international copyright laws and regulations. Service provider grants a User a permission to use the Content personally. It is forbidden to use or download Content for other than personal use, and without prior written permission by the Service provider.

Service only delivers products into Finland.

Order confirmation and the terms of delivery

After submitting an order a User will receive an automatic confirmation receipt via email. This means that the order has been received and it is in progress. Within a few business days the User will get an order confirmation and estimation of the delivery date via e-mail. When the order has been shipped the User will receive a shipping confirmation.

Right of cancellation

Based on the Finnish Consumer Protection Act,  all private persons have the right to cancel or exchange the ordered products within 14 days from receiving the delivery. Cancellation is valid by sending a written notification to Service provider (info@sukarwood.fi).

Any cancelled order and products have to be returned to Service provider immediately after sending the notification. If cancelling an order, User must return the product according to instructions given by the Service provider.

User has the right to cancel or exchange the order if:

1. the order has been cancelled according to terms by sending a notification to Service provider via e-mail (info@sukarwood.fi) within 14 days from receiving the delivery,

2. the product is unused.

3. the product is in the same condition as it was when received from the Service provider. All the original components have to also be included and returned.

4. the product has been packed in the same delivery package.

When cancelling or returning the order,  the User shall be responsible for all postage and other possible expenses. Products that have been customized according to User’s requests can not be cancelled or exchanged.


Service provider will refund the price of the Order to User’s bank or credit card. Compensation amount will be equal to the amount of the original transaction. Refund will be completed after Service provider has received the returned products and after checking that they have been returned in original condition.

Businesses and organizations

For businesses and organisations we deliver products and services by separate contracts. More details are available by phone (+358 40 514 8528) or by e-mail info@sukarwood.fi.


All the prices in the Service include VAT 24%.

Payment method

Payment delivery service is conducted via Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7). Paytrail provides online bank service transactions and operates together with all Finnish banks and major credit and debit card institutions. Payment and identification information is transmitted via an encrypted connection to financial institutions. Paytrail will show as the payment recipient in the User’s bank statement and they will forward the payment to Sukarwood. All Service related reclamations shall be addressed mainly to Sukarwood.

Paytrail Oyj, ID: 2122839-7

Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä, Finland

Phone: 0207 181830


All our products come with a 12 month limited warranty.

Only original Sukarwood products are covered by the warranty. The warranty covers material and workmanship damages that occur even if using the product according to the given instructions. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. The warranty period starts form the date of the purchase. If material or workmanship damage occurs within the 12-month warranty period, you can contact Service provider (info@sukarwood.fi) even if you had bought the product from a retailer.

The warranty does not cover:

1. damage, caused by improper use or storage of the product.

2. Negligence and damage, caused by your own actions.

3. Accident or damage caused by extraordinary weather conditions, natural disasters or other abnormal environmental conditions

4. Damage, caused by repair or service carried out by someone other than Service provider or Service provider authorized party.

5. Indirect damages and expenses caused by the product or warranty service, or damages and indirect damages caused by product uninstallation, shipment and reinstallation.

Warranty of delivery

If you notice any damages in the delivered package please inform that to the courier of the package. If you have opened the package before noticing the damages, please inform Service provider as soon as possible. The User returning products is responsible of the risks of delivery. An insured delivery is recommended when returning products to Service provider.

False or damaged product

If a product received is false or damaged, should User inform the Service provider immediately or within two business days from receiving the product. The Service provider will try to replace any false or damaged product with a new one. If this is not possible, the product related payment will be returned to the User. Damages or issues about the product must be documented carefully with photographs of the damages and a written statement. Service provider will not replace the product or return the payment if documents of the damages have not been documented properly. All reclamations and product returns shall be carried out in accordance with these given instructions.

Information security

All personal information given by User in the Service, is protected by SSL encryption.

Handling of personal information

All personal information given by User in the Service are handled as confidential information. The personal information will be transferred  only to the delivery company. Service provider’s affiliates are not granted any permission to use the personal information in marketing or in any other form.  The personal information can be transferred to the authorities if obligated by the current laws.

Personal information of Users’ is stored to Service provider’s customer register. Information stored to register includes only information that is needed in the handling of the order and its delivery. E-mail and phone number are needed in ensuring accurate communication between User and Service provider should any problems occur.


Service may utilise cookies. Cookies are small files that the Service will store to User’s computer to enable smooth and more personalised visit when using the Service the next time. Cookies will not deliver any User saved data from the User’s computer. Cookies do not spread any viruses or other malware. To enable proper functioning of  the Service, the user shall agree to the use of cookies. If User’s web browser does not accept cookies, the user can change the security preferences of the web browser.

Changes to the Service and this Agreement

Service Provider reserves the right to make changes to the Service, Service related policies, and to this User Agreement at any time.

Jurisdiction and Settlement of Disputes

This User agreement will be interpreted, construed and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws of Finland. Any contractual disputes are primarily settled through negotiations, in other cases disputes are settled at the Jyväskylä District Court, Finland.