Case: Metsä Fibre

During the fall 2016 and spring 2017 we carried out two packaging projects in collaboration with Metsä Fibre. The first one was to design  a briefcase for their promotional material. The briefcases were customised according to Metsä Fibre brand, with green colour sides and beautifully embossed logo. Briefcases where delivered and handed out in Metsä Fibres event for their clients at London Pulp Week 2016.


Second project was to make a customized package for Iittalas Taika mug for another Metsä Fibre event held in Tokyo on March 2017. The package was a perfect fit for the mug. No additional support was needed to have it beautifully keep its place, and hence be easily taken out.


Thank you Metsä Fibre for working with us!