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Case: Metsä Fibre

12.04.2017 | Blog

During the fall 2016 and spring 2017 we carried out two packaging projects in collaboration with Metsä Fibre. The first one was to design  a briefcase for their promotional material. The briefcases were customised according to Metsä Fibre brand, with green colour sides and beautifully embossed logo. Briefcases where delivered and handed out in Metsä … Read the full article

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Case: RamonEdge

12.02.2017 | Blog

RamonEdge Ltd. from Finland is taking part in creating unique ice skating experience. Their slogan “Perfection On Ice” means the state of mind at the time of a perfect achievement. It is based on strong self-confidence and know-how. RamonEdge has combined their knowledge of ice hockey, physiology and metallurgy in a way that ice hockey player can focus … Read the full article

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Case: Startup Sauna

11.01.2017 | Blog

Startup Sauna is an accelerator program and co-working space located at Otaniemi area in Espoo. During the spring of 2016 they were about to start an interior renovation and had need for new lights too. They chose to use our Havukko lights that are designed by Jonas Hakaniemi. Main brand color of Startup sauna is a … Read the full article

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Case: Spinnova Oy

12.08.2016 | Blog

End of the last year we had our first customer project for Spinnova Ltd. Project contained wide area of products from lights to trashcans. This was the first real test for our products – daily use in our clients premises. It was really important for us to find the right kind of associate for the first project … Read the full article

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